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About Us Executive OfficeLinx, Monroe, LA, Kyocera, Sharp, Dealer, Reseller, Louisiana

About OfficeLinx

Executive Business Products and Modern Office Concepts have merged to one new company. Introducing OfficeLinx with over 53 years of combined experience. Proudly offering Sharp and Kyocera office equipment, Office USA office furniture, and so much more.

If you need it in your office or place of business OfficeLinx can deliver it. Never before has there been this level of awesome pricing and service in Northeast Louisiana. OfficeLinx 107 Melvyn drive in Monroe.

Call us today get service today. Call 322-1951.

You can’t assume that your viewer knows everything about you or your company. Think about it, they may have just been introduced to you through or from the Dealer Locator on your manufacturer’s website. Many dealer’s sites simply don’t have enough information on them. This will have your viewer clicking “next” to find a site that has the information they are looking for. The “About Section” is very important – 30% of viewers click on it! Viewers/New Clients want to be assured they are making the right decision and will be working with someone they can trust. They want to be assured their future partner has the experience and the resources to support them. If you have little or no information on your site, your viewer doesn’t know if you have been in business for a week and are working out of the UPS Store or have been in the industry for 25 years with your own building, a fleet of company vehicles and experienced staff.  Let’s take the guessing out of it! It’s easy for us to post a simple paragraph with a stock photo but if we did, we wouldn’t be helping you! Please work with us and provide some photos and a little information to make this a great section!

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